American Organic Food Company


About us

American Organic is a family owned company located in South Florida.  We are proud distributors of Supplements, Vitamins, & Organic food. Our online store allows us to serve you at a national level, being able to provide you a fast shipping service anywhere in the country. Priority Mail 2 - 3 days delivery.

We have a mission to provide each health store and family in the US with certified organic foods, bulk herbs and herbal products, artisan-crafted herbal extracts and small kitchen appliances of the highest quality and best prices in the market.  We are here to help you start or continue a healthier lifestyle.

We have special prices for Health Stores, Farmer Markets, Bakeries & Co-ops.  

We are wholesale distributors working directly with farmers & producers, so there's no middleman and our goal is to keep our products high on quality and low on prices. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Our Rawseed brand:

Our commitment to bringing you quality products at reasonable prices has led us to create our own line of organic certified products. When you see Rawseed you can rest assured that these product have been grown, produced, and manufactured with organic standards and excellence in mind.

Our Raw Garden brand:

Natural and Non-GMO, our RawGarden brand was created to cater to our conscientious customers, who prefer wholesome ingredients and goods from the farm to the plate.