Benefits of Black Lava Salt

Used as a Sea Salt Alternative:

Too much consumption of table salt can lead to health issues like hypertension. Black lava salt is a good alternative to the regular sea salt, which is iodized.

Remove Toxins:

The activated charcoal in black salt is effective in removing toxins from your body. Activated charcoal holds detoxifying properties which cleanse your body.

Joint and Muscular Pain Relief:

Use black salt instead of a heating pad and experience your joint and muscular pain magically fading away. Pour in black lava salt in a cotton fabric pouch. Lightly heat it (be careful not to burn the salt) and place it on the sore area of your body. Repeat a few times.

Enhanced Mental Clarity:

A sodium deficiency in your blood can lead to mental fog and confusion. Therefore a healthy level of sodium intake is important to maintain and enhance mental clarity.

Relieves Cramps:

An electrolyte imbalance can lead to muscle cramps. Sodium intake can maintain a healthy, electrolyte balance.


Black Lava Salt is crunchy and bright in salinity. Finish savory dishes like sliced steak or roasted vegetables.

Raw Garden Hawaiian Black Lava Salt consists of Premium Pacific Sea Salt, Trace Minerals, and Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal. It's the perfect salt to make a bold statement in taste and presentation when used in your dish.

Highest quality and highest purity activated coconut shell charcoal bonded to White Silver Sea Salt in an exclusive and proprietary process.

•Dramatic and delicious, with a smoky flavor

•Glistening presentation

•Anti-toxin, aids with digestion

•Great finishing touch on veggies, freshly cut tomatoes, Tossed salad, Roasts, BBQ , Grilled steak, Roasted Potatoes, and Pineapple.

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